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Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies to Restore Brand Reputation Post-Lockdown

Creative social media marketing strategies help businesses to restore their brand reputation.

Companies are limping back to normalcy, making several adjustments to the way they worked before the pandemic. Now it is time for businesses to consider the best social campaigns to get back on track and rebuild their reputation.

The impact of COVID-19 is still there, profoundly affecting relationships, lifestyle, industries, and economies across the world. Almost all the countries were in lockdown, businesses shut, and people asked to stay home to stop the spread.

With the temporary closure of business, companies put a stop to their advertising and marketing promotions. While some firms could not afford it, others preferred to adopt the wait and watch policy.

Along with social media marketing, business owners should get SEO services which is also an important thing in digital marketing.

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Let SMM agency handle your social media marketing strategies

The lockdown and new normal work from home concept have disturbed the usual routine. A new online business may not require social media management (SMM) in the initial days but must consider it as they grow.

SMM is marketing a company’s products and services using social media to connect with the audience. Some of the top platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Social media is cost-effective and an ideal platform for small businesses to gain exposure without taxing their budget. Most adults use one or more of the social networking platforms for new content and interaction.

It becomes overwhelming for small businesses to manage their creative social media marketing campaign due to a lack of time, experience, or resources.

  • Identifying business goals, choosing the social platforms, and content to display are a few creative social media marketing strategies that require planning.
  • Posting content on social media is easy and fast. However, planning what to post, which platforms to use, and ascertaining maximum reach requires experience.
  • Followers in your social platforms grow as interactions improve. The audience may comment, ask questions, start a conversation about the brand with others, etc.
  • Analyzing the performance is a must – How many reviews did the posts attract, performance comparison with the client.

A decline in advertising campaigns during COVID-19:

Companies using premium social media for their websites put their strategies on hold during the lockdown. The networking platforms are the most effective and affordable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Since the implementation of lockdown, there has been a steep increase in the number of users.  The chances of finding new prospects are high, and it could have paid off for businesses if they continued marketing. As early as the last week of March, a study reported a 33% downfall in ad spend by organizations.

As per a survey by eMarketer, in March 2020, Facebook saw an increase of 70% usage of all its apps. Yet about 89% of businesses had paused their ad spend due to the pandemic. With the ease of restrictions, companies must get back to business to regain their clients’ confidence. One way is to allow an SMM specialist to repair the damages done to their digital campaigns. Doing so will enable them to focus on the changed requirements of their clients.

Assess present conditions

The circumstances today are different from what they were before the lockdown. However, this does not mean every business might require a creative social media marketing strategy. However, it is necessary to know the client’s current situation. Will the services be useful to a new segment enabling new audience opportunities.

Run an audit

Do a review of all the social networking platforms to get an insight into the traffic they were getting previously and now. Doing this will tell whether the creative social media marketing strategies are working well, or does it need modifications.

Understand the new customers

What factors are influencing the customers? Think like a customer, what you would need in the present circumstances, reach the customers, and explain the brand and its benefits.

Bottom Line – Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies to Restore Brand Reputation

The approach might differ based on the industry and market needs. Responding immediately to comments and inbox messages is essential. Inspire followers to share their opinion. Respond to comments and inbox messages at the earliest.

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